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August 7, 2003
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eva tree by mibi eva tree by mibi
"Everyone wants a peice of the eva tree
But leaves plucked shivel and die
So if you want a peice of the eve tree
Then sit and wait for one to fall" - old Hungarian proverb

...sorry for the 390k file size but the full size is an absolute must... you'll see... there are aproxamately 797,157 leaves on this tree... give or take a few...

for a better view of the spacial aspect, here is a medium view [link]

stock from #wicked-eve

...oh and please dont tell me to anti-alias the trunk, i made it that way on purpose m'kay ;) (Wink)
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p00n Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2005   Photographer
wow! that looks like a fractal tree... mathematics + image editing = very cool! how did u make the tree?
mibi Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2005
with fractals!.... only i cleaned them up to make it look more tree ish....

but i made a fractal action in photoshop and sat back while it processed....
p00n Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2005   Photographer
sweet, didnt know ps could do that... i shall have to investigate
gayatreeee Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2005
love the love in it
wicked-eve Featured By Owner May 23, 2005
my love;
when next you stare at the stars with me
let them be as mysterious
as only mysteries can be.

love, let us revel in our ignorance,
just delight and dance
in each other's arms,
find supreme solace
in frosted breaths of summer'y clarity:
for who can afford
to expend themselves
without a love like ours?
who can afford not to throw themselves
into forever, with the person whom has
wept a million constellation's for just an every day
with you?

if i say i love you
never ask what I mean,
let my love be a dazzle
that hides its depths
in a thousand surprises:
for even in the most mundane moment
i aspire to rise above what has become familiar
and blossom in the sunlight of your embrace.

if you and i, we, shake off the shackles of knowing,
we just might be allowed
to bite into the sweet citrus skin of forever.
and for ever, i would throw away a million homes not happy
a million days spent worried, a million seconds lost in thought,
a million untrusting moments, a million tears from my eyes,
a million starbright-starlight-star in the night skies..
i would name the stars all jesse--
if it meant i could immediately find forever
with you.

love; when i tell you i miss you,
never question how much.
never lose touch with the reality that you
have made me a stronger woman,
more courageous and understanding,
more believing and giving,
more loving and willing,
than you could ever know.

come cosmo surf with me
into infinity.
comb my hair with your asteroid finger tips
and dip me into the milky way,
skip with me through orion's belt..
touch the north star-ever bright..
come black hole exist with me
for all eternity.

wicked-eve Featured By Owner May 9, 2005
this looks soo much better on your wall baby.
soo much better. :heart:
freaktrigger Featured By Owner May 2, 2005
I've got to ask what you used to genereate the fractal of the leaves...

It's a magnificent image, I'm impressed.
Pyro-gold Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2005   Writer
that is eve???

I love her!!

this is lovely, sir.
laurel Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2005
intense! and beautiful!
c-is-for-cunt Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2005   Photographer
This is still as amazing as it was the first time I saw it.
Appx. how many hours all-together did it take to do this?
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