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The Perfect Word.

The perfect word.  The next word.  One that fits.  One that fits as if it were willed to the page.  Cemented.  Impervious to eraser tips and backspace backspace backspace keystrokes.  Does it exsist?  It must.  Where is it then?  Wedged deep down between the couch cushions.  The metaphorical couch cushions of course.  No the metaphysical couch cushions.  No.  The perfect word.  Something that rummages through the memory's attic stack of yellowed newspapers with out tearing a page.  Mummery.  Strumpet.  Glim.  No no and no.  A sentence written is a sentenced flawed.  To think we might have strung a string of perfect words is to think we can recite pi, backwards.  But surely we can go one for ten, one for a hundred, one per page per chapter per novel.  Per lifetime.  If we comb over a thesaurus with a magnifying glass.  Excuse me?  If we comb over a thesaurus with a fine toothed comb.  The perfect word.  If we are trampled into a bloody fossil-to-be by a murderous heard of thesauruses in heat.  Does it exist?  Should we stop looking.  Stop geussing.  And resign to our postions as the patron saints of humdrum.  The arch bishops of hokum.  We absolve you.  We absolve you.  Is close, close enough?  Are the best of poets those that get the closest?  Perhaps.  Perhaps our works are already written, perfect words in tow.  And the order is divined.  Was not half of Paradise Lost written while Milton was blind?  No matter.  One man's perfect is another man's potpourri.  Right?  Wrong.  We can not replace a Mozart A minor with a G flat.  Or a "To be, or not to be" with a "To be or not."  We can only keep writing.  Pulling names from a ten gallon hat.  Drawing straws from a haystack.  Patching bad lines with word putty.  Tired phrases that have worked in the past.  Old friends.  Or at least acquaintances.  Perhaps some perfect words are among them.  Stranger things have happened.  The perfect word.  Does it exsist?  It does, i am sure of it.  How can i be so sure?  For if there is one better than another, then there is one better than them all.
I never know what catagories to put my work in.

This is for perfectionists in training.
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PunknEra Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2008
found a typo: "geussing" should be "guessing". Oh yeah and there's a couple of question marks missing on "should be stop looking" and "stop guessing". Finally, you should capitalize the word "I" in the last couple of sentences. Otherwise, the writing is perfect as far as I can see. :)

About the category, I certainly wouldn't say that it's "mystery." I think it best fits into "perspectives."
kissxmexvampire Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2007
I liked reading it. The way you play with words is interesting, I enjoy reading it.

DecayingPinkBunny Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2004
Follows suit with the rest by being just as exquisite. Every piece I read of yours makes me need to read aloud and even more so the more I read it. Congrats.
active-archivist Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2004   Photographer
what about the imperfect word?
deadcow7 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2004
This piece of prose is amazingly clever. The part with the thesauri (that's the plural form I prefer :)), the comparison to pi, and the memory's attic metaphor especially.

Additional thought: I personally don't believe that, out of context, one word can ever be said to be better than the other. And if a word's quality depens on its context, then really, all words are perfect if you just manage to find the right context for them, no? So I guess for me, there is no perfect word.

Of course, this difference of opinion doesn't detract from this piece's quality at all, it's just something I'd like to have mentioned.
Really good job!

mibi Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2004
well thank you... and i agree.. out of context one word is no better than the other... but in context...its all a matter of finding the right word... or if you prefer, the right context... thanks again and great icon.
deadcow7 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2004
Heh, thanks. If you want, you can support me in harassing ~deadcow (without the 7) who's been inactive for about 3 years...:)
thinlikenate Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2004   Filmographer
i feel like i owe you something for getting to read your readings to be read.
starblind Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2003
Challenging. Like Jenga.
n0deal Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great concept and I love the way the idea flows throughout this piece. I thought the line about reading pi backward was especially clever. :)
Calicolupe Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2003
I came.
I read.
I printed.

That's all I need to say.
ExitDust Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2003
good, defienatley good, but not your best. not even close.
it makes one think, but it does not encourage the type of thoughts that 'she stairs' encourages
i'm drunk... and bitter.
but i still like it, because even your worst is far better than their best.

far better.

i love everything you stand for.
stigmatattoo Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2003  Professional Traditional Artist
+i had fun reading this...and that's a good thing. your prose really rolls, it has a definite sense of rythm and great use of words. reminded me a bit of Borges when he got in a metaphisical " what-if" mood...which was fairly often. i always thought theasaurus were a dangerous species, too.+
ev0lkitty Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2003
it was a choppy read (for me).

i loved your toy with words.

enjoyed your thoughts.


annaleecourt Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2003
Mibi, this is terrific. As usual, I print out your poetry and prose to read off the screen in a quiet moment. Usually at 5 a.m. And re-read and re-read. I've learned to read your words the way you look for shooting stars -- kind of not looking right at it but out of the corner of your eye -- obliquely. That's when you catch the magic. Also, I've learned to let the words flow over me. Not try to hard but read again and again. Your words do flow like water. I love to feel them on my mind-skin.

So, 5 a.m. tomorrow, I'll view obliquely and let them flow again and again.

Nice job. interesting. Your name is great too -- mibi-- mindsbigger.

Lots of love, mama rise
seriousness Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2003
i enjoy this very much. like water running over smooth rocks into a stream that knows no end, this is cool, consistent and has an internal meter that far surpasses any mere poetry. this convinces me forever of the supreme power of prose over poetry. the narrative is far finer- indeed, it has been in our blood since the time of homer.

deadcow7 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2004
hehe, the odysse is written in verse-form though :)
seriousness Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2004
I said SHUT UP.
moonlight-sonata Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2003
A recurring psychological undertow any writer can sympathise with. But sometimes you just have to let something be! Let it be perfectly flawed, magnificently marred.

Thats probably what god was thinking anyway.

I like it very much :)
evilfaeries Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2003   Writer
Sometimes I dont know what to say when I read your stuff, so I put it off until the very last minute until I force myself to come up with something clever to say to you, so you dont think im just not commenting on purpose.
for one.. I like this, but wow, i just.. i dunno.. i dont get how you can write like this.. its amazing, dont get me wrong, its just so unlike anything i have ever read before.

I love it. im addicted i swear.

:hug: Kandice
taffyapple Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2003
You have a brilliant imagination, and the imagery you use it breathtaking :)

All I can say
e-scope00 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2003
wow crud. that seems perfect. haha
ExitDust Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2003
the perfect word is ...

wicked-eve Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2003
imperfect perfection.
perfection imperfect.

its words.
but you melt them into a puddle of perfect scentences.
i crave more when the end comes.
shaggymonkeybuns Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2003
damn this is so awesome... as i read this i could feel the power of the words coming at me from the glowing red stage of a coffeehouse. great rhythm and flow. your word choice is excellent, maybe even perfect. :blowkiss:
kipton Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2003
i dont know

i think every combination of words i utter is perfect
nihilim Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2003   Writer
no perfect word,
but these were close enough.
that's what matters, what's close enough.
somedrunkblackspoon Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2003   Writer

I was going to wait until I felt in a better mood to comment, but what the hell, here goes nothing.

Ok, I can dig it, I like it a lot. I love the circularism that you have taken by the horns, presenting such a debatable idea. And tearing out hearts of so-called greats. Enjoyable read.

They typos spell grate, they all relate.
groovus Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2003
Just tell me that you made this in Wordperfect!
mibi Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2003
clever ;)

...but its notepad.
seriousness Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2003
no shit it's notepad:

"Stop geussing. "

spell chech it dude! (hahah. spell chech. hahahah. i get it.)
groovus Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2003
Well the clever is all on you ... I really enjoyed your wit in this completely. Great stuff!
exteknik Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2003
mibi I love how you play around with words in this one...searching for that perfect word, taking all sorts of twists and turns into your thought stream, asking yourself questions along the way. IT's so much more than just trying to find the perfect word for a particular purpose, but trying to find the one better than ALL of them. I think everyone has a perfect word, you jsut have to spend a long time determining what yours is. Very nice and loose composition makes this great to read and re-read.

+fav +watch j00 +have your children
derivablezero Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2003
Something that rummages through the memmory's attic stack of yellowed newspapers with out tearing a page
I told you last night that this line was worthy of orgasm. Is memmory's spelled incorrectly on purpose? Don't think I caught that while proofreading for ya.

If we are trampled into a bloody fossil-to-be by a murderous heard of thesauruses in heat.
I have such an obsession with your imagery.. So vivid and just.. unF

This whole concept just amazes me, the search for the perfect word. I know that I, as a wannabenonpoet, have searched for the perfect word for perfect lines, as you saw first hand, it just never seems to work. So, close enough has to work, you have to settle and you have to take what you can get.

I would work with the wording a bit, I don't think that saying "stranger things have happened" is necesary in the context of what you are trying to say. Because it's not really strange that you would find the perfect word among your friends.. at least I don't think so.

I do love that last line.. "for if there is one better than another..."

Magnifique. :+fav:
rmpaul Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2003  Professional Photographer
Pretty cool ... seems kind of "stream of consiousness"-ish. Still, some interesting thoughts...
kaujot Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2003
I had to read it once to know that's it greatness. Absolutely wonderful to read.

johnedgar Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2003   Filmographer
Interesting, I like it.. had to read it a few times.. but it's cool.
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