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Submitted on
September 13, 2003
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"My Panache"


I love her
Very Much.
She are the most beautiful thing ive seen.

On clear winter nights I can see the moon's jealousy reflected in your eyes.
My celestial body,
The heavens have saved space for our love.


I can not live with out her love.
We must be together

I write my being in verse to the cadence of your heartbeat.
My mortal melody,
Come, let us dance along the sheet music with love letters upon our soles.


I am so happy.
She is my dream come true.
I love her more than anything.

You are the exclamation point to end my life sentence.
My sweet simile,
When the spring rains come, surely the Gods are whispering your name.


Thank you so much.
You are a great friend.
I will never forget this.


My panache shall not bear the soil of vanity.
I love through letters, the harmonious word is my kiss.
My heart at nose length
Is the only way to keep from seeing my reflection in her eyes.
Farewell my love.
This is another poem i write for 25 cents per line. *starblind commissioned this one and left the subject pretty much open ended. " It must promulgate my many virtues to the world: heroism, magnanimousness, rapier wit, et al. It may not contain the words 'fop' or 'dandy', although they may be suggested." This is not my usual style or voice but i love it all the same.

It was inspired by and written about Cyrano De Bergerac. It helps to know his story. ;)

Poerty for .50/line [link]
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hey i really nejoyed your poem.... i watched the movie Roxanne in french class and always thought it was really bittersweet. i think you really capture what is goin on well in your poem though... from what cyrano is thinking to what he is giving christian to say and is really feeling himself:) thanks for sharing!
"You are the exclamation point to end my life sentence." - i like that very much, very unique.
i also like how it seems to switch from something one would quickly jot down on a napkin, to something written over and over again to perfection[meaning the reg. text to bold].
wicked-eve Sep 17, 2003
~le gasp~
such beauty rests in words of the wise and forlorn whose gentle hands carve music in the words of a poem.
iamnophotographer Sep 16, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
cyrano rawk. beautiful writing :) now where s my free 1 line poem? :giggle:
That's some damn fine poerty. And not just because I paid for it. :-)
I really like that, it`s very well constructed, and evocative
I love the ending.

This is different, but its really nice. I cant believe people actually pay you to write. that is so fuckin awesome.

Anyways, Parts of this seemed to drift away for me, but none the less, that ending made it all the worthwhile.

:heart: Kandice
thanks for the commento... do you know the story of Cyrano? ... well the plain text is Chritian who is a simpleton and inept with words, thus Cyrano lends his helping hand, er word, to make the woman fall in love, but it is Cyrano who is love with her aswell, and well.. i could go on but i just suggest you read the play or watch the movie ;) ...thanks again
skrath Sep 13, 2003  Hobbyist Writer
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