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Complexidus Bids -Redone- by mibi Complexidus Bids -Redone- by mibi
so.. being a perfectionist i decided to redo all the surfacing of my Complexidus Bids [link] work.... to make it more... textured and layered on to each surface.... i even use a bit of 3D modeling...but you can really tell....

i was debating putting up either the 1200,1400, or 1600 reso version but 1200 didnt have enough detail and 1600 was too big..hence.. 1400... but i strongly suggest you check out the 2400 version [link] which will be like the print version....oh and dont forget to buy a print ok...

2400 version [link] ...marvel at the detail.. and enjoy
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mand3rz Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2007
I featured this in my journal! Hope you don't mind :)
nexx Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2004
:worship: .that's a :+fav:
danielzklein Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2004  Hobbyist Writer
I have absolutely no idea how I ended up here; I was clicking at something ENTIRELY different when my PC became possessed, the monitor started turning around its own axis, spitting pea soup, and it kept pasting 'your mother sucks cock in hell' into my IRC client.

Funny thing is, no one noticed anything was wrong with me :P

I love the simple concept. What exactly are those schematics in the old man's bubble? Beautiful picture :)
mercinder Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2003
That's just wonderful, an idea so simple a child could comprehend it, but with a wonderful sense of depth and a thought turner.
I really love your work.
bacchus888 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2003
great concept !
i love the contrast rich vs poor, and the contrast of toughts
you really did a great job :)
hili Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2003
cool ....
thorndraco Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2003
This is a very amazing work, the idea and execution are wonderful.
shepimp Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2003  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i really like this piece; it's so deep and simple at the same time. *spooky fingers* hehe seriously though, i like what you've done with it. :D (Big Grin)
yokom Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2003
excellent! i commented on the one before this, but i'm glad to see that a print's available now. very cool stuff.
laurichg Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2003  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, there is some serious detail in this piece. Great job! Clap And the 2400 one is mind boggling.
pymonster Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2003   Writer
This is pretty damn cool...i love it. Again, if i was richer currently i would buy a print.

But as it is...good work.
macrocosm Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2003
Jawdrop This is fantastic. So damn creative and well done. I like the large version because it's clearer to see everything, but thanks for taking everyone into consideration by not posting the giant one. I love how the layouts he's thinking of are all around him, it makes the whole meaning quite profound. The blues in this look lovely, that small pop of color is stunning, it fits nicely, and I think it's a great color/subject. I'd love to see the original stock photos for've done such a great job.

I wish I could buy a print of this, but I'm flat broke Crying I suppose favoriting it will have to do for now, even if that doesn't get you any money. Sorry, I'll try soon though.
mistake Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2003
i like the layout plans that are all's kind of confusing in a good way.
jellycious Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2003
:| (Blank Stare)
done like the blues... :| (Blank Stare)
c0rtex Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2003
aww thats rad!@
cheesyhairball Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2003
This is gr8! WOW! Gr8 work! I really love how u did this, very original
enron Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2003
ahhh DONT WALK...heheh love teh 2400 version...the 1400 don't give it justice...makes it look blurry to me...but at the 2400 one is so nice...good job...
phantomofnyc Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2003
i really like this one. where the strong subject or figure sees complex things. and the weak seeing clarity. you did a great job. thanks for your comment on my work. i really like this. espeically where it just blurts out from black and white to the imagery and space in actual sky. great job. thanks for sharing Peace
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