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"Coin Phrases"

On the cusp...

Exhibit dual nature yet remain a Taurus kid,
I refrain from choruses, thunder-lizards and Thesauruses
Poor as piss, my brain is in the tourist biz
Forever falling...and wondering if the floor exsist...
My wit leading in with a shit eating grin
Over bathroom breaks and urine samples
As i lure in ample ex-girlfriends and examples
Of a whole lot of harems of harlots and tramples...
I dont debate the pros and cons that constitue prositutes
Costing you losts of loot, lost on the Boston route
I join mages who blend sages and mix wizards that transcend pages...
Press on rose pedals to toe metal and nervously prune'em
And always coin phrases like "E Plurbus Unum"

(may i just say that the DA title restrictions are absurd)

i like to be playful... with me

but dont forget to think...

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active-archivist Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2004   Photographer
like a brother with verbage,
you discourage the hermits.
hi, 'am kermit the frog,
playin' leap frog to hob-nob with rich snobs.

wanna tangle?
think you got the right angle?

it is easy to write write poetry
(can backspace backspace till it flow with wit, see).
but how are thee,
with yer repartee,
at freestyling?
mibi Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2004
ha!.. thats great... i used to do a bunch of freestlyin back in the day... on different forums... this brings me back.. thanks
active-archivist Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2004   Photographer
get back into it, eh.
it is quite the fun place,
speaking in rhymes when ye parley...

do it.
get to it.

blah blah blah.
derivablezero Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2003
As I have said a million times, I am not much for rhyming.. However, the way that this flows and the word schemes that you used and the puns (i think you did that on purpose) is phenomenal. Great work. Also, I love the twist that you put on the general meaning of "coin a phrase". Genius. Also:
"press on rose pedals to toe metal". My first instinct was to correct the spelling of "petals", then I realized the literary value and you had actually spelt it right. Goddamn, I am thrilled. :) (Smile) Keep it up man.
interzonepolice Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2003  Professional General Artist
i hate to say it, but the flow of this reminds me of eminem. i'm not a ravid eminem fan or anything, in fact, i'm not even that big of a rap fan at all. something about the inner rhyme scheme definately hints off to that for me though. perhaps you could be a famous rapper too someday! i dunno, i'm tired and i thought you might want to hear my opinion. so there it is.

i love your words too.
jellycious Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2003
:| (Blank Stare)
this is kinda good.
na641 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2003
very nice, and i love the screenshot. great rhyme skill, and it actually makes sense, which suprised me. great work mang! :D (Big Grin)
yachtclub Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2003
Well done buddy. Well done. Love your insane rythms. Left field, thats where I play. Evil Eye
mibi Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2003
poor klentex... you went to deep and got lost.. ahh well... ill warn you next time ;) (Wink)
klentex Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2003
you know, that first line almost seems like two opposites. because when i think of a dual personality, i think of either two living lives or bipolars. and after looking up taurus, taurus's seem stable and practically sane. the thunder-lizards bit made me laugh. i'm not sure if you've read glen cook's faded steel heat, but it mentions those very things, who are nothing but vicious flying fact, if you read the book, this seems like a cynical summary of it. although, i'm betting this is a very small summary of you/your life?

"floor exsist" - exist
"on rose pedals" - petals?
and i agree with bebop on the quick swithc, but it looks like it was a difficult part to rhyme/scheme together.

i'm not entirely sure what a coin phrase is, but the way i am guessing, it seems like an ironic phrase maybe? 'a many united', can be put in several ways to be cynical, or it could be polar to how you mentioned no thesauruses, meaning you were trying to stay true to what you wrote, disregarding using cheap materials. not sure, i think i went too deep. really nice overall, something i don't see all the time :) (Smile)

wicked-eve Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2003
im going to fav it for 2 reasons.

one because i love the geniuous of it,
and two because i know what you went thru to get it
up...the poem i mean.

you play well.

n03113 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2003
-smiggles you-

that is all.. I'm too sleepy to complete any crit...
nihilim Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2003   Writer
rolls off the tongue
like honey mixed
with ball bearings.

you amaze me with
your clever wit
and your poets
crypticbebop Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2003
quite interesting, catchy, flows well, although five and six were a bit odd. Keep it up, this definitely has great lyrical potential.
pahodja Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2003
I luv u Heart
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