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Gab el. Bachman. Deep. France. Bergman. Evans. Rise. Sage. Franz. Polanski. Cinematic. Bass. Black. Morgana. Wealth. Eve. Mibikids. Rife. Mornling. Cyrano. Deeper. Scribe. Hudson. Buksport. Ship. Mow. Berkshire. Fellini. Fincher. Astronomer. Riley. Chompsky. Court. Love. Route. Bloniasz. Jove. Distance. Fabric. Producto. Emby. Dean. Freed. Professor. Space. Apotheosis. List. Geodesica. Norcross. Ingersol. Chabert. Chaucer. Noon. Zero. Little. Words. Deepest. Self.


Its not as if Maya Angelou was strung up naked from a Mississippi delta born cotton tree.  Well, actually it was.  You see back when black buskins beat back the bramble of my god given right to speech impediment laden afterthouhts, I would stroll a slow mosey in a grove of old bo trees.  Now my socks stretch only so far as my crinkled fingers can pull these chinese odes to western capitalism.  Remember the rice patties, and the rice patty hats.  "Men in black pajamas," he would say.  And then proceed to crack-a-lack a round into their unsmiling faces.  Oh how the rice patty hat would fly off like a bottle rocket and pinwheel back to earth with red streamers in tow.  Those were my fondest memories.  The rest are moot in comparison.


Deeper.  Where the gems are.  Lately ive been going deep.  Real deep.  Deep enough to sweat oil.  Deep enough to get an associates degree in paleontology in my subconsciousness' freetime.  Deep.  I reached the point where antiques were just someones crappy nicknacks weeks ago.  Relics return to their original owner and artifacts turn peasant garbage.  I left in the mid-summer noon sun.  Each ray fell upon my skin like a whip of molten lead.  Then i reached the winter of interim.  Now i feel the mid-earth magma summer upon me.  Deep.  What was once my circular skylight then pin hole now doesnt even give enough glim for me to recognize the color of the darkness.  Black has no meaning down here.  I snorted my last photon days ago.  Deep.  
I binge...and purge...
Binge and purge and binge and purge.
Cringe and merge the fringe and verge.

...dont try to get your head around it, theres nothing worth seeing on the other side

move along folks...
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thinlikenate Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2004   Filmographer
did you know i love you?
ExitDust Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2003
amazing, absolutely amazing. i love it all every word of every line.
it makes me wish that i knew the people who's names are mentioned. i must say that reading the word Norcross was a highlight in my life. seriously.

deep, as deep as you are, you are far more deep than you can even write about. hard to say, but you are deeper than anyone on this site. and it makes me happier than i choose to let on. you are far deeper than even mibi, or mibi........... or....MIBI.
youaretheultimateanddeviantartisluckytoh aveyou.keepitupyougeniusbastard.
annaleecourt Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2003
Help, Mibi. This one escapes me. Help me out here. I'll do the ol' 5 a.m. read and read again and see where it takes me.

Mama Rise
jay-spectre Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2003  Professional Photographer
It's got beat.

I respect this kind of work.

I do something similar with my shit.

good job.

deadilion Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2003
I like how you explained it.
Good fun.
rebelchic Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2003
Def. should be expanded.
mibi Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2003
thanks. but there is no where to go. i just vomited out chunks of grey matter. i just have to clean it up the mess before someone notices the stain on the carpet. theres no where to go with this peice.
evilfaeries Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2003   Writer
You are one of the most interesting people I have came in contact with here on dA.

Your thoughts/words/feelings are interesting.. and you wrote it so differently than most pieces are written. i liked it.
write more prose. post more prose.
ExitDust Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2003
kid's genius, pass it on
ExitDust Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2003
yeah guy, that's deep, but i know that you get deeper than that. kid's genius, prove me wrong
somedrunkblackspoon Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2003   Writer
not bad at all. but not great at all either.
expansion makes this golden.
princesskitty Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2003   Digital Artist
This is definately not what I'm used to from you. I'm a little confused. I like it but I think it needs to sink in...
derivablezero Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2003
Wow mibi. I had no idea that you had such strong ideals and values in reference to the oppression of the early south? Though your vocabulary is a bit strong in here for the message it seems you are trying to get across, I like it. It's like you turned yourself into a black woman.. I keep seeing Nikki Giovanni "spinning a soft black song".. Very good. You took yourself out of your element here and I love it. Of course, I'm probably wrong. But it's very nice.
mibi Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2003
derivablezero Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2003
well you got to get my explication first hand.. I usually don't do that on your page because I'm afraid of what you'll think. but hey, i picked it apart piece by piece for ya and well.. i think i'm gonna add it to faves now.. notice how i always add your stuff to faves a few days after i initially comment.. it takes that long to figure it out. but i just was kinda forced to.. so yea... i'm gonna go now before my foot gets any farther down my throat.
4th-d1m3ns10n Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2003   Interface Designer
What the fuck?
halonone Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2003
hahaha. i really don't know what i'm supposed to be thinking. but it's not healthy.
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